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Our customers trust us to take the utmost care with their equipment. We will work with you to prepare a cost effective dismantling and removal plan tailored to your needs and will make sure you are kept informed at every stage of the process.

  • Your equipment will be prepared for storage or transport as required.  If you intend to dismantle equipment for reinstallation at a later date we would strongly recommend our match-marking service to ensure efficient reassembly of machines and production lines.
  • Each machine is drained and cleaned as required and all sections are match- marked for re-assembly.
  • Machines are released from services and foundations.
  • Corrosion protection, where specified, includes the coating of bright machine surfaces and shrink-wrapping to protect from moisture.
  • We are able to pack equipment ready for transport, regardless of its final destination and chosen method of transport. We provide transportation and relocation services if required.

Read our case study on Plant Dismantling at Growhow, Billingham

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