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Proving our expertise as international machinery movers

The background: the international marketplace
In 2013, we were approached by a prospective client in Iraq after they had read about our services online. Having purchased an oil refinery in Belgium, they were looking to have it dismantled and shipped to Iraq.  The site to be moved was a medium-sized oil refinery that had at one time produced 65,000 barrels of oil per day, although it hadn’t been operational since 2011.

While many of the sites we dismantle are in the UK, we do also have extensive experience of working in the international arena – whether that is for dismantling, arranging shipping or re-installation – so we knew we had the skills and knowledge to help.

Negotiations took place over a period of 12 months, including visiting the client in Iraq. Part of our expertise lies in using specialists to help us supplement our service and we decided to use a negotiator to assist in the process. Clear communication to ensure a smooth running service at every stage, whether that is with clients, contractors or suppliers, is something we pride ourselves on.

Our approach: powerful planning
After successfully concluding negotiations with our client, we were awarded the contract for the dismantling and removal in July 2014.

We then started the planning and discussions with the owners of the site in Antwerp. We always build time in for an effective planning process, to allow for the paramount importance of covering every aspect at an early stage.

Our experience allows us to deal with whatever the planning brings up. So, for example, for this project, we quickly identified issues on site that would have to be dealt with during the process, including asbestos and some contamination issues from residues in pipework. We also produced a health and safety file. The project schedule was created with a view to work starting in September for a 30-week programme with two-week break for Christmas built in.

Again, our expertise in international operations has come into its own, and to comply with Belgian law, we will be working with Belgian sub contractors to complete the project.

What’s next?
With the project due to start imminently, we will use all our expertise in dismantling a site of this size and preparing it for overseas transportation to help ensure a high quality service, on time and on budget.

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