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Machinery movers putting in-depth knowledge to work

With extensive experience as machinery movers, we have dealt with the wide range of challenges that can arise during the relocation of heavy machinery. So when we were asked to undertake an extensive project that also included dismantling some ageing pieces of heavy machinery without lifting points, we knew we could put the systems and teams in place to tackle it…

The background
Working as principal contractor (alongside a company to deal with the demolition) on the GrowHow site at Avonmouth near Bristol, we undertook a project to dismantle plant, heavy machinery, equipment and associated pipework, transfer it to the designated holding area and load it for transporting to Avonmouth port, for onward shipment to China.

Our approach
We had a large and highly professional team on site; 44 operatives at the height of the project. Crawler and mobile cranes, telehandlers, cherry pickers and scissor lifts were all used. With clear systems in place – proven over years of experience as machinery movers – we made sure our teams had everything they required to work safely and efficiently.

The project included the relocation of a large number of vessels. These varied greatly in weight and size from a couple of tonnes to two pieces of heavy machinery that were approximately 20m in height and 6m in diameter and weighed 196 tonnes. We lifted and “topped & tailed” these items by using two of the crawler cranes, and loaded them to specialised trailers to be transported to the port.

We also formulated a solution to dismantle two co2 columns that were each 63m high and about 4m in diameter, and had a combined weight of 160 tonnes. We used our expertise as highly experienced machinery movers to devise a method of cutting them in half so we could then transport this heavy machinery in two sections.

Some pieces didn’t have lifting points due to their age, so we designed, manufactured and tested specific lifting attachments to use on these.  We also sent the attachments with this heavy machinery to assist in the offloading at the destination port.

As highly professional machinery movers, thorough systems are key to our work. We produced four sets of drawings for the plant and at every point where pipework had been split or cut, this was documented on the drawings. We also had two laptops, each with an external backup drive that had all the information relating to the equipment being loaded to trailers and also about what equipment went into which container.

We took photos and video to show the progress of the project, which we were also happy to supply for use to cross-reference the equipment when it was re-assembled.

The outcome
Our experience as machinery movers proved itself throughout the project. After successfully dismantling the four separate areas of the plant, we loaded 122 40-foot containers on site for transportation to the port.

We completed the work safely, on budget and in a timescale of 32 weeks – well within the project term of 34 weeks.

REM Engineering’s Project Manager Paul Wimbush commented: “At the initial site visit, we realised this was a large scale and potentially challenging project. However, we went through our usual system of meticulous planning so that once we got on site and started putting the system of work in place, it became an enjoyable project to work on. Everyone involved played their part in its success.”

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