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Q: Why do I need your services as professional machine movers?

A: As highly professional equipment movers, we pride ourselves on providing a reliable service for a cost effective price; one that can help to reduce disruption and production downtime. There are some other important reasons for using professionals for machinery removal and relocation: Legislation: In some cases, it is necessary to use professional machine movers to avoid being in breach of UK health and safety legislation. You can find out more about this by contacting us. Insurance: While your company insurance may not cover you for machinery moving, we are fully insured in every aspect of our work.

Q: I only need to move one small machine. Can you help me?

A: Yes. We are experienced in helping companies move even a single machine, and welcome the opportunity to discuss our cost effective service for projects of all sizes. Contact us for a quotation.

Q: We are relocating our whole production plant. Can you help?

A: Our experience and knowledge as equipment movers mean we can help with a project on any scale. We recently completed one that required using over 300 shipping containers of equipment. Talk to us about what you need.

Q: Is my machinery too large to move? / Q: What about moving heavy machinery?

A: If a machine has been installed, it can be relocated. However, it is not always cost effective to do so. Our team have the experience and professional machinery moving skills to advise you on the best approach to machinery removal and relocation including moving heavy machinery, enabling you to evaluate the most cost effective solution for your business.

Q: Do you do machinery removal for equipment that is custom built on site?

A: If someone can build a machine, we can dismantle and relocate it. We have used our knowledge and expertise as machine movers in a range of complex machinery relocation projects; providing a timely, cost effective solution. Key to our success is knowing the right tools to use for your project, based on our extensive experience. If necessary, we will fabricate what we need to help us move your machine. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q: How do you ensure quality control as equipment movers?

A: Quality control is very important to us and, as highly professional machine movers, is part of our company ethos. To reflect that, we are accredited to ISO9002. As well as choosing to be audited on an annual basis for quality, we also carry out quarterly management meetings to review our projects and our processes from a quality point of view. You also have the peace of mind that we have a comprehensive training programme for our team of machine movers, covering health and safety, the operation of specialist equipment, asbestos awareness and other key issues.

Q: Do you move equipment internationally?

A: Yes, as well as machinery removal within the UK, we have transported equipment from the UK to India, China and other locations around the world. Your equipment would be professionally dismantled, match marked where required and packed appropriately for shipment, reducing risk of damage in transit. We manage the complete logistics of transporting your equipment to port, arranging the shipping and, if required, we can manage the onward transfer and reinstallation of the machine at its final destination.

Q: Do you need to visit my premises to provide a quote for machinery removal and relocation?

A:  To give you an early stage estimate, we are happy to work from photographs you send. However, we would want to carry out a site visit before entering into a contract and providing a final quote.

Q: How far before a planned move should we contact you?

A:  The best time to start talking to us is during your initial planning stage. We use our extensive expertise as equipment movers to advise our clients and to help ensure a smoother move from the start. Our service can include complete project management and if this is what you are looking for, please talk to us as early as possible.

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